Human Resources Challenges For Chinese Companies in a Global Business Context


At the CFR International HR Conference held in Suzhou, Christine Zhou shared her experience in the NBHX Group as a CHRO & VP. She described how their strategy to face the global challenges has been defined. HR has played a pivotal role in successfully address this change. A sensitive topic, especially for Chinese enterprises nowadays.

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Human Resources Summit, 27 October - Meet the Speakers - Pierre Fan


The third professional who is contributing with his speech to the Human Resources Summit on 27 October is Pierre Fan. Experienced professional and Bosch China Investment HR Director, he has a deep knowledge on merger & acquisition, organization change and talent development issues. With his innovative point of view, Pierre will surely bring an interesting contribution to the conference.

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Human Resources Summit, 27 October - Meet the Speakers - Christine Zhou


Waiting to take part to the International Human Resources Summit on 27 October, here is some information about Christine Zhou, the second speaker who will attend the conference. CHRO & VP of HuaXiang Group, she has a solid experience in Human Resources in China as well as in other Asian countries. Christine will share her strategic view on the comparison between Top Fortune 500 world enterprises' management and large Chinese enterprises' management, presenting some interesting findings to the attendees. For more information and to register to the conference, please contact

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